Don't even think about touching a statin drug or waste another penny on a worthless supplement until you read this special report...

"The REAL Reason You Haven't Been Able To
Lower Cholesterol Has NOTHING To Do
With A Lack of Will Power. Nope,
The Reason Your Cholesterol Is
Still So High Is Because
You've Been Told A Pack
Of Lies From The

If you've ever wondered why no one seems able to lower cholesterol on their own - without using statin drugs - then sit tight. But I should warn you: You're not going to like it. Not one bit.

But The Good News Is This: Even patients with sky-high cholesterol numbers are quickly and effortlessly lowering cholesterol AND triglycerides once they learn the secrets even their doctor doesn't know...

Dear Friend,

Are you at least a little bit concerned that high cholesterol - either for you or someone you care about - is a ticking time bomb for a heart attack or stroke?

If yes, and you're ready to do something about it, then I'm about to put a smile on your face.

Tell me if any of these ring true for you...

Tried lowering cholesterol on your own - with no results?

Taken nutritional supplements with a lot of hype and promises - with no results?

Followed doctor recommended diet plan to a "T" - with no results?

Already suffering the miserable side effects of statin drugs - and just want a way out?

If ANY of the above describe you, then count it a blessing that you stumbled across this special report today.

Your life (and the health of your heart) is about to change for the better.

In a minute I'll share why clients say I know more about lowering cholesterol than any doctor they've ever talked to.

But first...

Tell Me, Does THIS Sound Familiar?...

Many have confessed to me that their doctor - or maybe a family member - gave them a hard time when they couldn't lower their cholesterol.

They made them feel like a loser - like they didn't try hard enough.

Maybe you've had that happen to you.

Having someone make you feel guilty when you're busting your butt isn't helping matters.

The thing is, your effort isn't the problem. It's those cock-a-ma-mee diet tips and bogus supplements that are the problem!

We've had the wool pulled over our eyes for far too long now about how to reduce cholesterol.

It's no wonder your results have been pathetic when...

Most of the Diet Tips Shoved Down Our Throats
By Doctors and Government Agencies
Simply Don't Work

The so-called cholesterol-friendly diet tips have left millions of people feeling like a failure. They're driving good people like you straight into the waiting arms of a statin drug prescription.


Too many people ae falling into this trap. To the point where cholesterol-lowering drugs are THE #1 prescribed medicine in the U.S. today.

I don't want you be another victim. So here's where I'm going to connect-the-dots for you.

You see, pharmaceutical companies are in business first and foremost to MAKE MONEY.

That's not a secret. And frankly, there's nothing wrong with that. But understand this much...

These companies have a LEGAL obligation to their shareholders to sell you as many drugs as they possibly can.

Yet get this...

The tips being endorsed by doctors are the exact same tips suggested by the drug companies. And these companies have a multi-billion dollar vested interest in you NOT succeeding without using their drugs. (Hmmm...)  

Are the drug companies going against their shareholders and corporate bonuses to give you the very best advice that really work?

Or are they "playing the game" to line their pockets with more profits?

Ask yourself this...

"If they really want to help you avoid their prescription drugs with diet tips and natural remedies, why do they want me to SHUT UP AND GO AWAY?"


Listen carefully...

Don't blame yourself. These tips don't work. They never have and never will.

Congratulations! Look at What
You've Just "Won"...

As a parting gift for "failing" with everyone's suggested cholesterol-lowering tips, you get the privilege of ingesting a drug known to cause serious debilitating and life-threatening side effects including (but not limited to) ...

  • Muscle Weakness and Pain
  • Sleep problems
  • Memory Loss
  • Nausea or Vomitting
  • Kidney Damage
  • Decreased Sexual Desire and/or Performance
  • Elevated Liver Enzymes (ie, it's "frying" your liver)

Despite all the risks and long-term consequences, these drugs are being handed out by doctors like it's candy at Trick-or-Treat. (Revenues up.)  

And the trick, my friend, is on you.

FACT: Mega-rich pharmaceutical companies spend more on MARKETING than research.

If that makes you squirm in your chair ... well, it should.

But don't let the side effects scare you away. They'll just prescribe ANOTHER drug that will surely do the trick. (Revenues up again.)

Oh, and did your doctor tell you that once you're on a cholesterol-lowering drug, it's sort of like a Lifetime Contract?

You see, your cholesterol levels will spike upward as soon as you stop taking the drug.  

So you're "locked in" to taking these drugs forever. (Revenues WAY UP.)

(Don't worry. The "Lifetime Contract" can be broken if you follow the advice I'm about to share with you...)

Wouldn't It Be Great If There Were Natural,
Healthy and SAFE Ways to Lower Cholesterol
And Give Your Heart a New Start?

How would you like to eat foods you enjoy and WANT to eat ... and still lower your cholesterol?  

Look, I know that sounds a little crazy and counter intuitive.  

After all, you've already been eating what you want and look where they got you, right?  

After years of research and consulting with holistic minded doctors, I've developed a "Cholesterol Blueprint" that lowers cholesterol in lightning fast time.

The plan is now called "Crunch Cholesterol".

I've been told it's the fastest and easiest way to lower cholesterol without drugs or a yucky diet.

And YES, you can enjoy most of your favorite foods - with some sneaky little twists - and still see a HUGE drop in your cholesterol levels while you clean out those junked-up arteries.

No bland, boring diets. No side effects. No problem.

Now, for the first time ever, this same plan is available to those outside of my normal sphere of influence.

Or put another way - you can now join my Exclusive Inner Circle and get access to all my best advice, tips, and tricks to lower your cholesterol - just like you were a family member or a high-paying client.

I think the best thing I can do for you right now is to give you a sneak peak at what you're moments away from discovering...

  • Discover what "Breakfast of Champions" - eaten by millions in an attempt to be healthy (no, I'm not referring to "Wheaties") - is about THE worst way to start your day. And it's spiking your cholesterol levels like you wouldn't believe. (Trust me, it's not what you think.) [Page 109]

  • Eliminate this "healthy" food from your diet and watch your cholesterol and triglycerides drop like a rock.  AND shed some extra pounds. (NO WAY your doctor ever told you this before!) [Page 39]

  • Add this so-called "heart-healthy" food to your diet like you've been told and you might as well put 9-1-1 on speed dial. [Page 25]

  • Find out which affordable natural supplement is known to be SO effective at reducing cholesterol that one of the mega-rich pharmaceutical companies tried to disallow any sales of this natural product.  (Page 90)

  • I'll reveal the little-known super food (super cheap too) that I eat nearly every morning to lower my cholesterol and regulate glucose levels. [Page 41]

  • The celebrity endorsed supplement that won't win an Emmy or Oscar when it comes to reducing your cholesterol. [Page 86]

  • You'll flip when I tell you what food has been shown to help REDUCE weight - not gain - like you've been led to believe. [Page 29]

  • No one else is teaching this stuff. You won't find this in any other cholesterol book ... anywhere!

The "Crunch Cholesterol" plan is perfect if you want to:

Lower "bad" LDL cholesterol
Raise "good" HDL cholesterol
Reduce triglycerides
Shed extra pounds with very little effort
Regulate gluclose levels (Perfect for Type 2 diabetics!)
Lower blood pressure
Cut your risk for a heart attack or stroke

The Weird Story of How The "Crunch Cholesterol" Plan Came to Be And Why You Just Might Want To Listen To What I Have To Say...

A routine physical for our insurance company revealed elevated cholesterol levels for my wife.

I suppose I'll never forget that day when my wife came home and cried on my shoulder. I always assumed because she felt old for the first time.

As someone who had been in the health industry for years, I knew right away that something strange was going on.  

You see, my wife and I were already eating from the recommended "cholesterol-friendly" diet.

We had long ago replaced steaks with salmon patties. We replaced beef hamburgers with turkey and chicken burgers.

"No cholesterol" and "low-fat" foods were the items we carefully selected off the shelves.  

But she still had high cholesterol. It just didn't make sense.

I already knew enough about statin drugs that I didn't want her to take them. But I couldn't "forbid" it because ... well ... that doesn't go over very well in my house if you know what I mean.

My gut told me that something natural HAD to work. So that's when I began my "quest for a cure".

I enlisted the help of a friend. He's a doctor with a strong bias towards natural and holistic remedies.

Thankfully, he had already done a TON of research. He helped me sort through all the lies and myths. And we came up with the best of the best tips that actually work in real life ... with real people.  

I'm thrilled to say the plan worked like gangbusters for my wife.

I've since added new special tips and secret little tricks that no on else is talking about. So the plan now works even better and faster than before.

Now, this new and improved version of what worked for my wife is working like crazy for countless clients.  

Will you be next?

"Why Should I Believe A Schmuck
Like You Over My Doctor?"

I don't pretend to know more than any doctor about how our DNA is put together and works, what the names of all the bones are, or what a protein molecule even looks like.

And yet, I have a growing list of raving fans whose lives have been changed because they stopped doing what what doctors told them to do ... and started on the "Crunch Cholesterol" plan.

Meanwhile, most doctors have a laundry list of "failures" and resort to the prescription pad.  

It kind of makes sense when you think about it.  

After all, how many doctors in your area are practicing as "Cholesterol Specialists"?  

Instead, cholesterol care is handled by the general or family practitioner. And these doctors have a LOT on their plate.  

They see everything from torn rotator cuffs, strep throat, common ear infections, high blood pressure, diabetes, acid reflux, on and on ... and that's just the patients they see before lunch!  

Any good doctor - with a lot of patients - simply doesn't have the time to do the type of pain-staking research on cholesterol that I've done.  

Think About This. Do You Really Believe it's a Coincidence That You Found This Site Today -
At a Time When You're Totally Committed
To Solving Your Cholesterol Problem?

Look, there's a reason you're here today instead of last week or last month or last year.  

The timing wasn't right before. I don't know why. You may not know why either.  

Maybe you weren't as serious about lowering cholesterol and taking care of your heart until now.  

Whatever the reason, you're lucky to be here now. Let's work together to get this cholesterol problem taken care of and put it in your rear view mirror.  

Imagine the relief you'll feel ... in just a few short weeks from today ... when you'll stop worrying about cholesterol once and for all.

YES! "Crunch Cholesterol" will work for you even if...

YES! Even if you've tried every other supplement under the sun
YES! Even if you have a long family history of high cholesterol
YES! Even if your cholesterol levels are off-the-charts
YES! Even if your doctor thinks your only hope is a statin drug

  • Cholesterol Food Enemy #1. This one is a real eye opener and an "Aha!" moment for most people. (No, it's not red meat, saturated fat or even high cholesterol foods.) [Page 32]

  • The inexpensive natural supplement that works so well and so fast at reducing cholesterol, that doctors have confessed to re-doing their own blood tests to verify it's effectiveness.[Page 96]

  • I'll reveal 4 "under the radar" foods - that most of us have every single day - that are killing our cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, weight and energy levels.  (You won't find this in any other cholesterol book.) [Page 39]

  • The heart risk "X Factor" that hardly no one else talks about that has been estimated to increase your risk of heart attack by 300%! (And what to do about it.) [Page 101]

  • Finally, the REAL truth on eggs! No more wondering and guessing about which side is right. (I think you'll be surprised.) [Page 23]

  • Startling facts about labels and how you may be getting sucker-punched if you don't know exactly what to look for.  Some of this is being slipped in right under our noses. (Your blood will be boiling once you find out how bold they've been about tricking you!) [Page 64]

  • How spending an extra 90 seconds in the bathroom every day can have a profound impact on arterial inflammation and heart health. [Page 102]

WARNING: A Valid Reason Why You
May Not Like This Book Very Much...

If you prefer "pretty" eBooks that have a professional and polished look, then this might not be for you.  

If you prefer to read material that's been properly edited for grammar and punctuation, then this book might not be right for you.  

You see, I'm not a talented graphics designer. Nor do I care a lot about proper grammar.

But I have a knack for teaching people how to get crazy good results with cholesterol reduction.

If all you care about is lowering cholesterol in lightning fast time ... without a lot of effort ... then you're going to love this book.

Let's get your cholesterol problem taken care of right now, what do you say?

Think about your spouse, kids, and grandkids. Maybe grandkids not even born yet. They're going to need you around. They need you for help and advice that only you can give.  

Don't deprive them of that because of some stinkin', lousy cholesterol.  Not when it's THIS easy to take care of. And THIS easy to reduce your risk for a heart attack.

Look, I know you've already been burned by bad advice and worthless "placebo" supplements. So I want to make this an easy, no-brainer decision for you...

I am so sure of your success with this program that I stand behind it with my Famous Ironclad Guarantee.

That's why I want you to try it out for yourself absolutely risk-free for a full 60 days.

You're welcome to try it with the only intention of trying to prove me wrong. You have a full 60 days to decide if you want to keep it.  

I'm confident that once you use these tips, you'll truly appreciate just how fast and easy it is to safely lower your cholesterol. Without the side effects of statin drugs.  

If you're not satisfied thrilled with your results, then I expect you to let me know so I can issue you a full, prompt, and courteous refund.  

I'll even let you keep the ebook on your computer so that you can forever have this information in your health library.  

Bottom Line: Even if you ask for a refund, I'll still work with you to get results so you can stay away from the deadly statin drugs. Those drugs should NEVER be an option as far as I'm concerned. If I have to issue a refund and spend extra time helping you avoid those drugs ... it's worth it.  

Time for a quick "Cholesterol I.Q." test...

What Would Be The SMART Thing
To Do Right Now?

Answer #1:
"I'm a do-it-yourselfer. I'll sort through the stacks of advice and information out there. I'll create my own plan through trial-and-error over the next few blood tests. I'll figure out a plan that works eventually."

Answer # 2:
"I believe the government when they tell me that statin drugs are safe. I'm actually fairly healthy outside of having high cholesterol, so I think I'll be okay."

Answer # 3:
"I'd rather click this link and begin using a safe, natural plan that's proven to work again and again without side effects."

If you choose 1 or 2 ... I wish you the best of luck. I really do. Unfortunately, luck is what you're going to need.

But if your answer is "I want to lower my cholesterol in the next 30-90 days with a foolproof plan that works every time," it's easy: Just place your risk-free order now.

I promise you'll have everything you need to get the results you want.

To be perfectly honest, it sure seems like a no-brainer to me.

So what are you waiting for? For only $37, you'll know more about lowering cholesterol than most doctors know. Seriously.

And if you're not satisfied absolutely thrilled with the book and your results ... just say the word and you'll get a prompt, cheerful refund with no hard feelings.

Claim Your Risk-Free Copy of
"Crunch Cholesterol" Right Now for
Only $37 If You Act Today!

YES Colin, please let me in. I want to lower my cholesterol without any side effects. Please give me instant access to this life-saving information right now. I understand I'll get...

     INSTANT ACCESS  to: The entire 112 page "Crunch Cholesterol" eBook that is turning the cholesterol industry upside down.

     GUARANTEED  lower cholesterol AND triglycerides!

     BACKED BY  my Famous Ironclad Guarantee.

Lower cholesterol and a healthier heart is right here - waiting for you to claim it. Just $37 gets you instant access to the PDF file so you can start lowering your cholesterol right away.

Have your credit card handy and click the button or link below.

To Your Lowered Cholesterol and Healthy Heart!

Colin Carmichael
Colin Carmichael
Health Consultant & Medical Researcher
Send Colin an eMail
Ph: 937-697-1HDL

P.S. Imagine the sense of relief and pure joy that you and your family will feel once you use these tips and take care of your cholesterol problem once and for all. Trust me, it's a feeling you'll never forget. Be on your way to that in the next few minutes and claim your risk-free copy of "Crunch Cholesterol".

P.P.S. If you only use a tiny fraction - just 10% of the advice in this book - your cholesterol numbers will STILL improve. You'll laugh out loud when you see just how easy and fun it is to lower your cholesterol.

Consider it for just a moment: No more worrying if cholesterol is about to make your heart explode. No more miserable side effects from statin drugs. No more nagging by your doctor. Just a sense of relief and satisfaction knowing you do it your way - the natural way.

REMEMBER: Your Overwhelming Satisfaction Is Guaranteed !

If you ever have a question, or just want some motivation or "hand-holding" ... I'm just an email or phone call away.

If you decide to go another direction today, I wish you nothing but the best. But please do something, okay? This is too important to put off any longer, don't you agree?

Lower Cholesterol Naturally ... and Save Your Heart!

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Ready to give your heart a new start?...

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